Specialized pediatric urgent care center opens in Clay

Working mom Heather Drake Bianchi was out of town in Boston when her child needed after-hours medical care. It wasn’t an emergency, but it was something that couldn’t wait. She said she was fortunate to be in a city that had a children’s urgent care facility available. 

But the experience left her feeling that something similar was needed near her home in the Syracuse area. Drake Bianchi, CEO of the movie set medical support group CineMedics, said she’s heard from other local parents who find themselves in this gap of needing after-hours care, but not for an issue that’s considered an emergency. 

“What are we supposed to do at 6 p.m., 7 p.m. When my kid is tugging at their ear and screaming, and the only place that I can go is the ER? We don’t want them to go to the ER—there’s really sick people, they’re like, there’s gotta be, there’s gotta be something else,” Drake Bianchi said. 

That led Drake Bianchi to found the Drakos Pediatric Urgent Care in the Town of Clay.

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