Drakos Pediatric Urgent Care provides a comprehensive on-site laboratory, immediate on-site pain management and treatment for more severe conditions, and minor orthopedic care to provide fiberglass splints for fractures.

Our medical facility now offers on-site radiology services, featuring child-friendly x-rays to ensure a comfortable and reassuring experience for our youngest patients.

Hours of Operation

7 Days/Week
Monday – Thursday 2PM-12AM
Friday – Sunday 12PM-12AM



Another core ethos for Drakos is inclusion, which is why the new pediatric facility has been designed to accommodate disabilities and special needs, and the Drakos care team is understanding and welcoming of every person. The facility is fully ADA-compliant and specially designed to meet the unique needs of patients who are non-mobile or home-bound.


Unique in Central New York, when families come into Drakos Pediatric Urgent Care for pediatric treatment, Drakos will also offer wellness care to help keep parents and other adult family members healthy through hydration, vitamins, and other fluid infusion services.


Drakos Pediatric Urgent Care will also be introducing kits that can be picked up any time so that families are ready for the highest quality telehealth care in advance of any urgent care needs. These kits will include a smart otoscope with a wireless camera that can transmit images of a child’s ear drums to help diagnose ear infections, a digital thermometer, a pulse oximeter, and other features that allow Drakos providers to better see and hear the patient during a telehealth visit.


  • Asthma attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Bee stings
  • Bronchitis
  • Broken bones, sprains, and other minor trauma
  • Burns
  • Chronic health issues with acute exacerbations
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Constipation
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration that requires intravenous fluids
  • Ear infections 
  • Fever
  • Fracture management
  • Gastroenteritis 
  • Headaches
  • Immunizations
  • Kidney stones
  • Lacerations
  • Lice/scabies
  • Lyme disease
  • Migraines
  • Nosebleeds 
  • Skin infections (poison ivy, sumac, shingles)
  • Respiratory illnesses (RSV, Croup, Flu, COV, etc)
  • Sports Physicals
  • Sprains & Splinting 
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Strep A & B
  • Stitches 
  • Sore throat 
  • UTI’s
  • Vitamin & Wellness injections

POC Services 

  • Onsite Laboratory
  • Splinting
  • Suturing
  • Soft casting
  • X-ray(Now Available)
  • Nebulizer treatments 
  • Vaccines 
  • Oral/IM abx
  • Oral/IM meds

Laboratory Services

  • COVID antigen & PCR
  • FLU A & B – Antigen & PCR
  • RSV –  Antigen & PCR
  • Strep A & B
  • Mono
  • Conjunctivitis
  • CT/GC PCR – a true multiplex assay for simultaneous detection of chlamydia (CT), gonorrhea (GC), and trichomonas (TV)
  • HCG pregnancy
  • Urinalysis
  • Ketones
  • Sexual health labs – PCR
  • Drug screening 
  • Lead levels
  • Fecal occult
Munira M
Munira M
Drakos is the best kids urgent care that we’ve met . Office is very clean and the kids won’t be bored due to the books and toys. We went there for ear cleaning for my 5 years daughter. All staff were very friendly, Doctor Michelle and nurses treated her very patiently and smoothly. We didn't have to wait to long either. My little one even forget about treatment when she get popsicle😊. Now we find where to go. THANKS!!!
Hiedi Agner
Hiedi Agner
Nice location, great if you need to get in after the usual MD office hours close. Very diverse staff.
Nikki Lunkenheimer
Nikki Lunkenheimer
Cannot say enough good things about this new pediatric urgent care!!! Last night, 10 minutes before 8pm, my boys were outside playing baseball. Unfortunately, the little one (5), walked into the line of big brothers bat, and took one to the chin. After some blood clean up & a good assessment, my husband and I determined he was going to need stitches, and if not, at least we had the proper advice from a medical professional. Not wanting to drive to Upstate, I hopped on Google to see which Urgent Care was open. Unfortunately, they had all just closed 5 minutes prior. All but one. Drako’s Pediatric Urgent Care. I had recently saw their sign, but didn’t pay much attention. Well, I called them right up. I was greeted very pleasantly on the phone. I explain the situation, and I was told to bring him right in and there was no wait. She asked what type of insurance we had and explain to us that since they are a new practice, they don’t yet participate with her insurance so we would be a self-pay. We were OK with that, considering the circumstances, but very grateful that we were told ahead of time. Upon arriving, again, we were created by the same familiar voice that we spoke with on the phone. She made the process very easy to check in, we were seated, and before we knew it (less than 5 minutes), we were being called back. A quick height & weight, and we were in the room for vitals, plan on action, etc. Within less than a half hour check in with complete, vitals were taken, and it was determined that our son was going to, in fact, need stitches on his chin, and lidocaine was applied. We had to wait roughly 20 minutes for the lidocaine to work properly, and in that time, the staff brought him around their office to pick out some toys that he could play with. He thought it was so nice, and thought that they had very cool toys. Once the lidocaine had made the area numb, it was stitches time. My husband and a great job and calming him and preparing him for the stitches, and my son relaxed, and Dr. Jim made him so at ease during the process. Not only did he calmly stitch his face up, he did a PHENOMENAL job with the stitches as well. I mean truly such a great job! Which is comforting because the wound is on his face! Explained proper treatment and care and when to come back to get the stitches removed, etc. Once he was all stitched and bandaged up, we were offered some ice pops, and we had our discharge paperwork in roughly 10 minutes. We got laughing & joking with the staff who ALL were so beyond pleasant and great to work with. They also filled out, and gave us paperwork on how to submit for reimbursement with our insurance company, since they were not yet participating with our insurance until next week. Overall, our experience at Drako’s Pediatric Urgent Care, from start to finish, was phenomenal. From the phone call, to the greeting when entering, the process, the CLEANLINESS (oh my goodness, it was so clean and smelled nice), the toys, the ice pops, thorough examination, the level of professionalism, etc. I cannot say enough. I’m so glad we found this office, and we’re lucky that they’re less than a 10 minute drive away. Sure as heck beats driving into Syracuse, or even another Urgent Care where you’re just a number. Truly, a phenomenal, 10/10 experience! Thanks Drako’s. We’ll be sure to recommend your office!!!!!
Kaylie Walters
Kaylie Walters
Nothing but positive things to say about Drakos. It was our first time there and everything went so smooth. From the ability to book an appointment online, fill out and sign all the forms needed to the moment we checked out. All of the staff was very friendly and welcoming. They were so patient with my not-so-happy 2 year old and really went the extra mile treating him! You can tell that they truly care about the well-being for children! PLUS - There office is set up in such a great way for the little ones, they have everything they could want! Books, toys, popsicles, you name it, they have it! I walked away very confident in the diagnosis and how to help treat my little guy back to his 100% self. Hands down the best experience from medical professionals in a very long time!
Angela Domicolo
Angela Domicolo
Amazing amazing pediatric urgent care. We needed a place like this. Dr. Michelle and her staff are personable, caring, and extremely thorough. The care of my son received, was the best care he’s ever had. I am so blessed I found them today. Even the men at the front desk are friendly and helpful-so sweet. It’s very clean and they have so many tools and lab results right away. 10/10
Ashley Lidan
Ashley Lidan
Absolutely amazing experience! Facility was clean and inviting for kids. Receptionists, nurse and doctor were outstanding. I honestly wish they were a pediatric doctors office. Worth my 45 minute drive. Made our appointment online and were in and out.
Tara Vereeke
Tara Vereeke
I have to share the wonderful experience we just had at Drakos Pediatric Urgent Care on 57. We made an appointment online and got right in with no wait. The facility is super clean, and the staff is incredible! Our RN Kristen, and NP Chelsea, were both amazing. So good with my 6 year old and so knowledgeable! Also, the lab is right across the hall, so super fast results. They gave my son a freeze pop with a little holder😭❤️ 10/10 would recommend!
Elizabeth Frost
Elizabeth Frost
Be careful in regard to insurance. They tell you they take it or that you can get reimbursed but then later find out the hard way that they don't. My insurance would not reimburse me because the dr didn't sign the insurance form soon enough. I wasn't happy about having to pay that bill when I already have insurance 😒
Nicole Sebold
Nicole Sebold
What a great experience! My 6 year old came in so sick and crying and left smiling and happy. We had such a great experience, I honestly forgot we were at an Urgent Care! From the ease of making an appointment, not waiting in line when we got there, to the friendly staff, I can honestly say I have never encountered such a pleasant experience in an urgent care before. Michelle and Patrick went above and beyond not only for my daughter, but to make me feel at ease too. My daughter had such a great experience that she told her sister she has to go there too, lol. You can tell the staff is thinking of the kids at all times. The colorful vibrant rooms, toys to play with, popsicle holders, Warmie Giraffe to hold when upset, truck x-ray machine, honestly, just the best experience. If you are a parent with a sick/hurt kid you have to take them Drakos, you will not regret it. Thank you again to the staff for such an amazing experience and making my sick kid feel better!