Unlocking Hope: New ADHD Screenings at Drakos May Bring Relief to Families!

We’ve got some truly exciting news to share that’s about to make a real impact as our young ones gear up to return to school. The recent chat featuring Drakos Founder Heather Drake Bianchi and the amazing Physician Associate Michelle Ederer on Ted & Amy 93Q brought forth an exciting new service that’s bound to change the game for kids and parents alike,

Navigating Asthma Care: Understanding the Impact of Wildfire Smoke and When to Seek Urgent Care

Living with asthma requires vigilance and proactive management to maintain optimal respiratory health. In recent years, the increasing prevalence of wildfires has added an additional layer of complexity to asthma management, with the potential for asthma exacerbation due to wildfire smoke. Throughout the following post, we explore the profound impact of wildfire smoke on individuals with asthma and discuss when it is crucial for asthma patients to seek urgent care.